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Step by Step

How it works...

No job too big or too small for our team. 

Maybe you need fresh flowers or maybe you need an 80' steel retaining wall and a custom fence. 

We mean it when we say, no job is too big or too small

We customize based on client needs, not based on minimums or maximums.

Site Evaluation

Step 1:

When you schedule an appointment with any of our account managers, a complimentary site evaluation is included. We work directly with you to discuss your vision and bring it to life with our expertise and knowledge in accordance with Central Texas zoning and your needs.

Our quotes are as transparent as they come. It includes the amount of time and specialists it'll take to complete each task and is organized by line item with specified measurements and material needed.

We want you as aware as we are about what your project entails.

We truly love helping you and are happy to get you started in the right path. 


Step 2: 

We've signed the quote! 

And now we begin... 

Each of our properties is drawn to scale using

Auto-Cad, Sketch Up and Vectorworks. 

We use your survey to accurately scale your property. We do this to make it easy for you and our team to properly create and collaborate with expectations being met along the way.

Each detail is laid out and is posted on site for you and our team to reference.

We've decided your material, everything is laid out and we're ready to go.

Your project manager is in a group text with your account manager and is consistently up to date and aware of any change orders, material changes, small clean ups or special needs.

We love staying in touch with you! 

Civil Engineering

Step 3:

Town hall - here we come! (Just kidding)

We use Building + Connect from the City of Austin to properly pull permits if your project requires them.

Not all projects require permitting, but yours might. 

Those that do, commonly include: electrical, plumbing, gas, framework, and more.

We gauge our timing, based on the types of permits being pulled and inspection dates. 

We love being a part of this city, which makes it easy for us to work directly with them.

Project Management

Step 4:

We're on site and work has been kicked off

Your property is now a construction zone!

Don't be scared, you're on the way to a new living space. 

Our project managers are there to work with their team and for you. Our project managers work alongside their team, there is no oversight when they're working on the site.


Construction & Site Management

Step 5: 

Your vision is coming to life with our team.

We're starting to wrap up; details become very important in this phase to ensure we've created your new favorite space.

Staying in touch with us for your needs brings us to the finish line.

Upon finish, we provide you with resources that help you maintain your new environment.

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